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Sculpting, Molding & Ceramics

K-26 Insulating Firebrick 9x4.5x 2.5" IFB Fire Brick Thermal Ceramics Bricks K26

Bids: 5192 Watchers: 1182 Price: 6.99 USD

9 Plastic Molds for Concrete Plaster Wall Stone Cement Tiles MOULD ABS #W02

Bids: 424 Watchers: 946 Price: 65.00 USD

Vertical stamp Stone Decorative Concrete Cement Imprint Texture Stamp Mat

Bids: 242 Watchers: 687 Price: 65.00 USD

Set Molds Stone VENEER for Concrete Plaster Wall Stone Brick Tiles Cement

Bids: 242 Watchers: 654 Price: 39.99 USD

Building Paths Mold Country Stone Concrete Pattern Walk Stepping Maker Mould DIY

Bids: 1043 Watchers: 632 Price: 12.77 USD

Plastic Driveway Concrete Stone Mold Paving Pathway Stepping Stone Mould Garden

Bids: 892 Watchers: 561 Price: 25.99 USD

SIPLAST Hands Casting Kit Mom Baby Plaster Hand Mold Couples Wedding Prints

Bids: 206 Watchers: 476 Price: 37.90 USD

SCULPEY Glaze Sealer for Polymer Clay 1 oz Sculpting Clays CHOOSE Gloss or Satin

Bids: 937 Watchers: 474 Price: 3.24 USD

12pc Pick & Spatula Carver Set Wax Clay Carving Stainless Steel Dental Picks

Bids: 1484 Watchers: 452 Price: 10.20 USD

Mold RAGGY BRICK VENEER for Concrete Cement Plaster Wall Brick Tiles DYI

Bids: 207 Watchers: 444 Price: 39.99 USD

Blue Stuff - 4 bars - Make reusables instant mold - Warhammer Fantasy OOAK doll

Bids: 1044 Watchers: 432 Price: 6.95 USD

Retaining Wall Block Garden Patio Cement Concrete Mold QTY 2 3001 Moldcreations

Bids: 231 Watchers: 416 Price: 70.00 USD

Silicone Putty For Easy Rubber Molds Food Safe 1/4 lb Candy Chocolate Resin

Bids: 549 Watchers: 414 Price: 7.95 USD

4X Modelling Ball Detail Tools Set Shape Smooth Detail Sculpey Tool Polymer Clay

Bids: 915 Watchers: 401 Price: 4.19 USD

Mold for Concrete Turtle Tortoise Mould Decorative Flower Garden Protection #F01

Bids: 209 Watchers: 387 Price: 23.90 USD

6pcs Clay Sculpting Set Wax Carving Pottery Tools Shapers Polymer Modeling New

Bids: 915 Watchers: 373 Price: 3.19 USD

14 Plastic Molds for Concrete Plaster wall stone tiles MOULDS CEMENT #W16

Bids: 121 Watchers: 352 Price: 55.00 USD

24 pcs MOLDS ANTIQUE BRICK VENEER for concrete plaster wall brick tiles #W08

Bids: 282 Watchers: 351 Price: 35.00 USD

Sculpey Premo! Mini Metal Cutters Polymer Clay Shapes 12 Designs Geometric

Bids: 266 Watchers: 344 Price: 5.03 USD

Set 5 pcs ABS Plastic Molds for Concrete Plaster wall stone tiles CONCRETE MOULD

Bids: 103 Watchers: 334 Price: 44.99 USD


Bids: 75 Watchers: 333 Price: 99.98 USD

5 pcs ABS Plastic Molds for Concrete Plaster wall stone tiles CONCRETE MOULD#W01

Bids: 150 Watchers: 330 Price: 35.00 USD

NEW 22PCS Pottery Clay Sculpture Sculpting Carving Modelling Ceramic Hobby Tools

Bids: 603 Watchers: 317 Price: 11.85 USD

Slab Roller for Clay,Heavy Duty,Portable,Tabletop,Adjustable,No Shims

Bids: 232 Watchers: 309 Price: 435.00 USD

Marijuana Leaf Silicone Candy Mold Ice Cube Trays, 2 Pack

Bids: 383 Watchers: 309 Price: 9.95 USD


Bids: 99 Watchers: 306 Price: 60.00 USD

Kiln Furnace heating element Resistance wire 220V 5000W

Bids: 864 Watchers: 305 Price: 8.00 USD


Bids: 180 Watchers: 304 Price: 62.50 USD

Plastic bench leg mold for concrete cement mould #B02

Bids: 164 Watchers: 301 Price: 37.50 USD

FIMO Effect Polymer Oven Modelling Clay - 57g - Set of 6 - Pastel Finish

Bids: 390 Watchers: 301 Price: 14.24 USD

NEW 11pc Clay Sculpting Set Wax Carving Pottery Tools Shapers Polymer Modeling

Bids: 1071 Watchers: 295 Price: 9.99 USD

FANCY GODDESS Lady Polymer Clay Push Mold Must See

Bids: 503 Watchers: 295 Price: 2.45 USD

6pcs Clay Sculpting Set Wax Carving Pottery Tools Shapers Polymer Modeling

Bids: 916 Watchers: 291 Price: 3.35 USD

Liquid Silicone Rubber Compound Smooth On Mold Max 30 Trial Kit 1kg/2.2lbs

Bids: 170 Watchers: 291 Price: 61.89 USD

1 pcs Plastic MOLDS for Concrete Garden Stepping Stone Path Patio MOULDS CEMENT

Bids: 27 Watchers: 290 Price: 45.99 USD

Luna Bean KEEPSAKE HANDS CASTING KIT Couples Wedding Holding Baby Plaster Mold

Bids: 376 Watchers: 287 Price: 34.65 USD

Sculpey Polymer Clay SUPER SLICER BLADE SET Slice Bead Canes Modeling Tools

Bids: 400 Watchers: 285 Price: 8.49 USD

Oyumaru Reusable Molding Stick 6 Bars (Instant mold, Blue Stuff)

Bids: 1036 Watchers: 276 Price: 4.50 USD


Bids: 94 Watchers: 275 Price: 37.50 USD

3000mW USB Mini Laser Engraver DIY Mark Printer Cutter Carver Engraving Machine

Bids: 76 Watchers: 275 Price: 119.69 USD

K-26 Insulating Firebrick 9x 4.5 x 2" IFB Fire Brick Thermal Ceramics Bricks K26

Bids: 1727 Watchers: 273 Price: 6.49 USD

Liquid Silicone Rubber Compound Smooth On Mold Max 40 Trial Kit 1kg/2.2lbs

Bids: 149 Watchers: 272 Price: 71.74 USD

6 pcs Plastic MOLDS for Concrete Paving Garden Stepping Stone Path Patio CEMENT

Bids: 112 Watchers: 267 Price: 52.99 USD

12 Inch Sphere ( 1/2) Half Ball cement plaster concrete Mold 7012 Moldcreations

Bids: 298 Watchers: 266 Price: 28.00 USD

Edge Stone Mold Log Edging Border Mold ABS Plastic Plaster Concrete Cement #BR12

Bids: 184 Watchers: 265 Price: 35.00 USD

Flower Stepping Stone Mold Concrete Cement Mould ABS for garden path #S14

Bids: 165 Watchers: 264 Price: 28.90 USD

5pcs plastic molds casting concrete paving garden pathsPavement stone patio #S01

Bids: 82 Watchers: 260 Price: 55.00 USD

DIY Garden Path Maker Mold Paving Cement Brick Plastic Mould Ornament Stone Road

Bids: 329 Watchers: 258 Price: 11.76 USD

Crafts Silicone Mold for Casting Epoxy Resin Ear Jewellery by AlenkaD, Easy Cast

Bids: 71 Watchers: 256 Price: 34.99 USD

4 Differnt Shapes and Sizes Gears Steampunk Polymer Clay Push Mold DIY Jewelry

Bids: 360 Watchers: 248 Price: 3.00 USD

2 pcs Plastic MOLDS for Concrete Garden Stepping Stone Path Patio MOULDS CEMENT

Bids: 28 Watchers: 245 Price: 28.99 USD

2 MOLDS 47.2 inch ROUND EDGE STONE CONCRETE MOLD Edging Border ABS Plastic#BR04

Bids: 85 Watchers: 237 Price: 39.00 USD

Column and Base Concrete Plaster Cement Garden Patio Mold Set 8500 Moldcreations

Bids: 68 Watchers: 231 Price: 52.00 USD

2 pcs Plastic MOLDS of Lizard for Concrete Garden Stepping Stone Path

Bids: 90 Watchers: 227 Price: 38.99 USD

K-26 Insulating Firebrick 8" x 4.5" x .50" Fire Brick Morgan Thermal Ceramic K26

Bids: 751 Watchers: 227 Price: 4.99 USD

Stone Paving Mold Concrete Mould Paver For Easy Unique Beauty Garden Patway New

Bids: 283 Watchers: 223 Price: 16.68 USD

1lb Create-A-Mold Chromatic ALGINATE MOLDING POWDER Material Life Casting Gel

Bids: 646 Watchers: 221 Price: 15.95 USD

Retaining Wall Block Border Edging Concrete Mold QTY 2 3003 Moldcreations

Bids: 123 Watchers: 221 Price: 74.00 USD

Decorative Roman Border Tile Trim Cement Concrete Mold Set 6007 Moldcreations

Bids: 75 Watchers: 220 Price: 23.00 USD

8pc Pottery Clay Molding Sculpting Tools Set

Bids: 809 Watchers: 219 Price: 6.88 USD

2 pcs ROUND EDGE STONE CONCRETE MOLDS Log Edging Border Mould ABS Plastic #BR11

Bids: 148 Watchers: 218 Price: 38.90 USD

Flower Stepping Stone Plaster or Concrete Mold 1142 Moldcreations

Bids: 133 Watchers: 216 Price: 27.00 USD


Bids: 78 Watchers: 213 Price: 42.98 USD

SCULPEY Glaze Sealer for Polymer Clay 1 oz Sculpting Clays CHOOSE Gloss or Satin

Bids: 476 Watchers: 213 Price: 3.24 USD

SUPER SCULPEY Polymer Clay Beige Flesh Sculpting 1 lb Crafts Dolls Faces

Bids: 392 Watchers: 212 Price: 9.49 USD

Alginate Create A Mold Molding Powder Life Casting Hand Cast Chromatic Gel

Bids: 195 Watchers: 210 Price: 16.90 USD

TINY Rose Mold for Polymer Clay - Flower Food Safe Flexible Silicone

Bids: 144 Watchers: 207 Price: 3.49 USD


Bids: 68 Watchers: 206 Price: 48.00 USD

5pcs Silicone Rubber Shapers Polymer Clay Sculpting Fimo Modelling Tools

Bids: 881 Watchers: 204 Price: 2.09 USD

5 BaBy FAIRY FAce MOlds & BOdy sculpture how to DvD

Bids: 95 Watchers: 203 Price: 39.95 USD

Sculpey Flexible Push Mold Art Doll Faces Polymer Clay Soap Wax Plaster of Paris

Bids: 354 Watchers: 203 Price: 6.39 USD

Polyurethane Casting Resin Smooth On Smooth-Cast 305 Trial Kit 0.86kg/1.9lbs

Bids: 225 Watchers: 203 Price: 48.45 USD

22PCS Pottery Clay Wax Sculpting Polymer Modeling Carving Tools Craft Kit Xmas

Bids: 139 Watchers: 202 Price: 11.96 USD

Edge Stone Mold Elephant Border Mould ABS Plastic Concrete Cement FENCE #BR13

Bids: 69 Watchers: 201 Price: 35.00 USD

Set 10 ABS Plastic Molds for Concrete Plaster wall stone CONCRETE MOULD #W04

Bids: 117 Watchers: 199 Price: 60.00 USD

13 Wonderful Dotting tools CIRCLE and OVAL Cutters for Polymer Clay Pottery +cup

Bids: 190 Watchers: 197 Price: 9.95 USD

Set of 2 Stepping Stone Log slab Mold Concrete Cement Mould for garden path#S12

Bids: 149 Watchers: 197 Price: 32.50 USD

SCULPEY Polymer Clay BEAD MAKING KIT 10 pc Set Roller Blade Guide Cutter Tools

Bids: 260 Watchers: 195 Price: 6.59 USD

2 pcs Plastic MOLDS form of Puzzle for Concrete Garden Stepping Stone Path Patio

Bids: 112 Watchers: 190 Price: 29.99 USD

12/24/32 Colorful Soft Polymer Plasticine Fimo Effect Clay Blocks Educational

Bids: 676 Watchers: 181 Price: 10.16 USD

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