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Radio Communication

NEW Cobra 29 LX 40 Ch CB Radio PROFESSIONALLY (Scope, etc) Peaked+Tuned

Bids: 4042 Watchers: 3360 Price: 107.99 USD

BAOFENG UV-5R VHF/UHF Dual Band Two Way Ham Radio Transceiver Walkie Talkie

Bids: 5124 Watchers: 2100 Price: 25.99 USD

Baofeng Black BF-F9 V2+ TRI-POWER 8 Watts Two Way Dual-Band HAM Radio VHF/UHF FM

Bids: 3396 Watchers: 1861 Price: 35.99 USD

Authentic KB9VBR J-Pole Base Antenna 2 meter dual band amateur ham radio scanner

Bids: 1898 Watchers: 1604 Price: 33.97 USD

2x Baofeng BF-888S UHF 400-470MHz 5W Handheld Two-way Ham Radio HT Walkie Talkie

Bids: 4495 Watchers: 1479 Price: 22.99 USD

Baofeng *GT-3 MarkII* 136-174/400-520MHz FM Ham Two-way Radio Walkie Talkie US

Bids: 2263 Watchers: 1457 Price: 35.14 USD

US VV-898 Dual-Band 136-174/400-470MHz 10W Car Mobile Two-way Radio Transceiver

Bids: 728 Watchers: 1423 Price: 59.99 USD

6 * Baofeng BF-888S Walkie Talkie 2 Two Way Radio Handheld Long Range GMRS

Bids: 1885 Watchers: 1339 Price: 60.49 USD

Motorola Talkabout T200TP Walkie Talkie 3 Pack Set 20 Mile Two Way Radio Package

Bids: 1435 Watchers: 1182 Price: 65.94 USD


Bids: 3359 Watchers: 1158 Price: 24.96 USD

RTL-SDR Blog V3 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO HF BiasT SMA Software Defined Radio

Bids: 3596 Watchers: 1137 Price: 21.95 USD

Cobra 16-Mile 22-Channel FRS/ GMRS Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios, Black | CX112

Bids: 2509 Watchers: 1134 Price: 27.99 USD

Baofeng *GT-3 MarkII* V/UHF 136-174/400-520MHz Ham Two-way Radio Walkie Talkie

Bids: 1903 Watchers: 1101 Price: 35.14 USD

TYT MD-380 UHF Tier II DMR Digital Two Way Radio+USB cable+Software US Seller!

Bids: 3224 Watchers: 1081 Price: 85.93 USD

4X Retevis H777 WalkieTalkie Analog 5W 16CH UHF400-470MHz Two Way Radio&Earpiece

Bids: 2597 Watchers: 1050 Price: 56.39 USD

10xRetevis Walkie Talkie UHF 400-470MHz 16CH CTCSS/DCS Two-Way Radio+Earpiece US

Bids: 3125 Watchers: 974 Price: 113.99 USD

End Fed Dipole 80-6 meter Portable HF Antenna Matchbox System.

Bids: 1481 Watchers: 945 Price: 37.99 USD

Midland GXT1000VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Walkie-Talkie Radio-Pair

Bids: 1707 Watchers: 928 Price: 65.99 USD

2-Pack Baofeng Black UV-5R V2+ Dual-Band VHF/UHF Two-Way HAM Radio Transceiver

Bids: 1071 Watchers: 921 Price: 67.99 USD

10x Retevis H777 Walkie Talkie 5W CTCSS/DCS UHF400-470MHz 16CH FM 2-Way Radio US

Bids: 3225 Watchers: 852 Price: 107.15 USD


Bids: 752 Watchers: 849 Price: 165.99 USD

RTL-SDR Blog V3 RTL2832 1PPM TCXO HF BiasT SMA Software Defined Radio + Antennas

Bids: 2887 Watchers: 832 Price: 28.95 USD


Bids: 1669 Watchers: 815 Price: 72.99 USD

New Baofeng GT-5TP 8W HP * Dual PTT * V/U 136-174/400-520 MHz Ham Two-way Radio

Bids: 883 Watchers: 806 Price: 37.99 USD

5x Baofeng BF-888S UHF 400-470 MHz 5W CTCSS Two-way Ham Radio 16CH Walkie Talkie

Bids: 1702 Watchers: 748 Price: 65.99 USD

BaoFeng UV-5R 136-174/400-520MHz Dual-Band DTMF FM ham 2 way radio Walkie Talkie

Bids: 3426 Watchers: 709 Price: 24.99 USD

2x Baofeng GT-3TP 8W 136-174/400-520Mhz Ham Two-way Radio +2*Speaker & 1* Cable

Bids: 1674 Watchers: 708 Price: 77.89 USD

2x BAOFENG BF-888S UHF 400-470MHz 5W 16CH Long Range Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Bids: 1338 Watchers: 688 Price: 21.99 USD

SainSonic DIY RPT-2D Two-way Radio Repeater Box for Two Ham Transceivers Station

Bids: 953 Watchers: 683 Price: 16.99 USD


Bids: 341 Watchers: 677 Price: 199.99 USD

Leixen VV-898 VHF/ UHF 136-174/400-470MHz Car Truck Mobile Radio + USB Cable

Bids: 767 Watchers: 676 Price: 59.99 USD

2X Baofeng BF-888S Walkie Talkie Long Range 2way 16CH 400-470MHZ Ham Radio UHF

Bids: 1941 Watchers: 668 Price: 22.75 USD

Baofeng GT-5TP 8W HP Dual PTT 136-174/400-520MHz Ham Two-way Radio Walkie Talkie

Bids: 720 Watchers: 667 Price: 35.14 USD

2 X Cobra CXT1095-FLT floating Walkie-Talkie Two Way Radio 37 mile range Pair

Bids: 701 Watchers: 660 Price: 41.95 USD

Authentic KB9VBR 2 Meter VHF SLIM JIM amateur ham radio J-Pole base antenna

Bids: 459 Watchers: 648 Price: 43.97 USD

Bird 43 Thruline Peak PEP WattMeter Element Kit / 2x 5x Multiplier New

Bids: 1560 Watchers: 646 Price: 49.95 USD

Midland LXT-118 LXT118 GMRS X-TRA TALK 2-Way Walkie Talkie Radio

Bids: 2574 Watchers: 628 Price: 18.95 USD

Midland 75-822 Handheld Portable Mobile CB Radio Hybrid 75-820 NOAA Weather NEW

Bids: 660 Watchers: 625 Price: 99.95 USD

HF End Fed Antenna EFHW-8010-1K 1000W 80-10m / NO TUNER NEEDED!! / 130 feet long

Bids: 468 Watchers: 622 Price: 159.99 USD

ASTATIC 636L CB / Ham Radio Microphone 4 pin 636 L Mic AUTHORIZED Astatic Dealer

Bids: 4366 Watchers: 577 Price: 24.90 USD

Kenwood TM-281A VHF 136-174MHz 65 Watt Field Programmable Mobile Two Way Radio

Bids: 440 Watchers: 575 Price: 179.95 USD

Galaxy DX959 CB Radio - Performance Tuned - MOSFET Driver & Final Combo

Bids: 164 Watchers: 564 Price: 209.95 USD

AnyTone Smart CB Mobile Radio transceiver 10Meter Radio with FM/AM mode

Bids: 255 Watchers: 560 Price: 58.59 USD

Hustler IC56 Stainless Steel 102" Inch CB / HAM Radio Antenna Whip

Bids: 926 Watchers: 556 Price: 39.99 USD

Mini-Whip HF,VLF active RX antenna, 10kHz to 30MHz (with RF isol. tr.)

Bids: 964 Watchers: 553 Price: 32.00 USD

100ft RG8x Coax UHF (PL259) Male to Male 50 ohm Antenna Cable - R-U100

Bids: 2257 Watchers: 553 Price: 39.99 USD

Midland LXT500 LXT-500 FRS GMRS Handheld 2-Way Walkie Talkie Radio

Bids: 1611 Watchers: 552 Price: 19.90 USD

BAOFENG UV-5R Green Two Way Ham Radio Dual Band 136-174/400-520Mhz Walkie Talkie

Bids: 919 Watchers: 548 Price: 27.99 USD

Uniden 980 SSB BEARCAT CB Radio With Sideband And WeatherBand BRAND NEW

Bids: 245 Watchers: 534 Price: 134.99 USD

Uniden BCD436HP Handheld Digital Police Scanner Trunking P-25 Phase I & II TDMA

Bids: 412 Watchers: 529 Price: 489.99 USD

3x Baofeng BF-888S UHF 400-470MHz Handheld Two-way 5W Radio HT Walkie Talkie US

Bids: 1146 Watchers: 526 Price: 33.99 USD

50 ft RG8X coax coaxial UHF PL-259 connectors amateur ham CB radio antenna cable

Bids: 2264 Watchers: 526 Price: 21.54 USD

RF bridge 0.5-3000 MHz, VNA Return Loss VSWR SWR reflection bridge antenna

Bids: 1478 Watchers: 509 Price: 7.00 USD

Simplex Repeater Controller RT-SRC1 for UV-5R UV5R Extend your radio range much

Bids: 398 Watchers: 504 Price: 59.90 USD

Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base Mobile Police Scanner

Bids: 365 Watchers: 501 Price: 90.95 USD

Baofeng GT-3TP MarkIII 1/4/8W 136-174/400-520MHz Ham Two-way Radio Transceiver

Bids: 859 Watchers: 497 Price: 38.94 USD

Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i Sports In-Ear Earphones Earbuds Headphones w/Mic

Bids: 1622 Watchers: 497 Price: 14.99 USD

Nagoya UT-108 SMA-F Dual Band Car Truck Mobile Radio Antenna For Baofeng Kenwood

Bids: 2056 Watchers: 492 Price: 9.99 USD

Midland LXT600VP3 30-Mile 36-Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio Pair Walkie Talkie NOAA

Bids: 978 Watchers: 488 Price: 51.99 USD

Stryker SR-94HPC 10 Meter Amateur Ham Mobile 45w Compact Slim Radio Color LCD

Bids: 71 Watchers: 487 Price: 139.99 USD

USED 4 Motorola MT350AA Walkie Talkie FRS GMRS 2Way Radios Weather VibraCall Bag

Bids: 479 Watchers: 486 Price: 62.00 USD

4x Baofeng BF-888S UHF 400-470 MHz 5W CTCSS Two-way Ham Radio 16CH Walkie Talkie

Bids: 775 Watchers: 484 Price: 46.99 USD

Bluetooth Wireless Adaptor +PTT Headset FOR KENWOOD TYT BAOFENG UV5R Radio 730P

Bids: 275 Watchers: 477 Price: 60.99 USD

Two Way Radio Scanner Handheld Police Fire Transceiver Portable F-Antenna HAM

Bids: 1334 Watchers: 475 Price: 29.99 USD

Baofeng UV-5R V/UHF 136-174/400-520MHz DTMF CTCSS Dual-Dand FM Ham Two-way Radio

Bids: 1371 Watchers: 474 Price: 26.99 USD

NESDR SMArt Premium USB RTL-SDR w/ 0.5PPM TCXO, Metal Case, SMA. R820T2 RTL2832U

Bids: 1169 Watchers: 469 Price: 23.95 USD

Radioddity GD-77 Dual Band Dual Time Slot DMR Digital Analog Walkie Talkie Cable

Bids: 584 Watchers: 464 Price: 84.99 USD

6x Baofeng Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio Handheld Long Range Marine Police Frs GMRS

Bids: 559 Watchers: 459 Price: 58.90 USD

4xRetevis H777 Walkie Talkie UHF400-470MH 16CH 5W CTCSS/DCS 2-Way Radio US Stock

Bids: 1315 Watchers: 455 Price: 53.99 USD

QYT KT-8900D Dual Band Quad Standby 5Tone 25W VHF UHF Car/Truck Ham Mobile Radio

Bids: 287 Watchers: 454 Price: 85.43 USD

QYT KT-7900D Quad Band 25W 144/220/350/440 MHz Car Mobile Radio Transceiver Mini

Bids: 102 Watchers: 452 Price: 82.99 USD

2x BAOFENG UV-5R 2-Way UHF/VHF 136-174/400-520Mhz Radio Dual Band Walkie Talkie

Bids: 859 Watchers: 450 Price: 52.99 USD

Psk-31 EASY DIGIā„¢ Sound Card Interface PSK RTTY SSTV NBEMS JT-65 HF VHF UHF

Bids: 1188 Watchers: 448 Price: 11.45 USD

Recent 10W RS-918 SSB HF SDR HAM Transceiver Transmit Power TX 0.5-30MHz Scaner

Bids: 100 Watchers: 444 Price: 438.87 USD

Brymen Silicone Gold Plated Test Leads / Probes for Multimeters CAT IV 1000V

Bids: 1320 Watchers: 443 Price: 17.49 USD

Radio-tone RT3 True PTT Android wifi Walkie Talkie Zello Smartphone

Bids: 134 Watchers: 442 Price: 168.00 USD

U/V UHF VHF dual band spectrum analyzer BNC with tracking source tuning Duplexer

Bids: 89 Watchers: 440 Price: 112.00 USD

County Comm GP-5/SSB Handheld AM FM SW Radio Receiver DSP RECEPTION IN YOUR HAND

Bids: 519 Watchers: 435 Price: 89.95 USD

Nagoya NA-771 SMA-Female Dual Band 10W Antenna for Baofeng UV5R UV-82 SAUS

Bids: 5875 Watchers: 433 Price: 2.49 USD

TECSUN PL-880 PLL Triple Conversion AM/FM/LW/SW SSB Radio << 8820 firmware >>

Bids: 1160 Watchers: 419 Price: 153.99 USD

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